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microblading & permanent cosmetics by Keely Clevenger

Keely Clevenger, PCC is a Washington State Licensed and Certified Technician of microblading and all forms of permanent makeup, tattoo removal, tattoo correction, micro skin-needling, 3D areola reconstruction and more. Winner of Best of the Northwest’s Best Cosmetic Artist in 2017 and 2018.

Microblading: A form of tattooing color into the skin using a stroking technique creating brow strokes that appear amazingly like hair.


Microshading: Combo of microblading and machine shading to create a gorgeous eyebrow.


S-Technique Magic Shading Brow:

Creates a beautiful shaded brow.


Freckles: Embrace your natural beauty and add a few more freckles for that sun kissed appearance!


Stardust Eyeliner: Gorgeous S Academy Stardust Eyeliner uses 2 or more colors to create a beautiful one of a kind look.


S Academy Classic Eyeliner: Beautiful classic liner that uses a special technique to give you gorgeous timeless eyeliner!!


Powdered Brows: This method uses the tattoo machine to make a nice beautiful full brow, for the person who wants filled in brows as opposed to individual hair strokes.


Microshading with Hairstrokes: This is another method to use shading and hair strokes to fill in the brows for a more natural look but it is great for all skin types.


Hybrid Brows/ Combination / 3D BROWS: Beautiful shading techniques give an ombre effect or half powdered/with hair strokes at the beginning are paired with 3D brows. 3D brows uses a few different colors all in the same color tone to create definition and a very striking eyebrow!


Lip Liner: Enjoy beautifully lined lips.

$ 425+tax

Full Lip Blush: This procedure lines your lips then fully fills them in with color, as if your have your full lipstick on.


S Technique “Aquarelle” Lips: S Academy Technique uses a nano needle to creates a beautiful lip with less trauma to the lip and a better color retention. The Aquarelle truly stunning.


Eyeliner (top or bottom): Perfectly defines your eyes!


Lash Enhancement: Designed for lighter colored and thinning lashes. Enhances your eyes and makes your lashes look fuller.


Upper and Lower Eyeliner: Perfect eyeliner done with two colors.


Beauty Mark: You can add a beauty mark where ever you want.


Scalp Micropigmentation: Adds pigmentation to the scalp for men who are balding and want to have a freshly shaven look.

Price will be determined at time of consultation.

3D Areola Pigmentation/Reconstruction:For women who have suffered through cancer or any other surgery that unfortunately caused the loss their areolas.

Bilateral $1,100+tax

Unilateral $1,100+tax


Skin Micro Needling: Electro Collagen Induction Therapy (ECIT),Dry Tattooing, Needle Dermabrasion,Intra-dermabrasion, Dermal Remodeling, Skin Remodeling, Percutaneous Collagen Induction, Dermal Remodeling ~ Skin Micro / Nano Needling Camouflage Fleshtone Pigment/Ink Wash For a Radiant Even Color Glow!

Uses and Benefits of Micro Needling

- Most widely used for Wrinkles. Better than Botox and a lot cheaper.

- Reduction of Nasiolabial Folds

- Reduction of Stretch Marks. Even huge ones left over from pregnancy.

- Improves Skin Laxity

- Reduction of Enlarged Pores, Acne, Chicken Pox, Surgical scars, or any scar that you want to be rid of anywhere on the body.

- Hair loss. This treatment will regrow and thicken hair.

- Burn trauma

Micro Needling Treatment Services

Dermal Remodeling ~ Skin Micro / Nano Needling

Camouflage Flesh Tone Pigment/Ink Wash

For a Radiant Even Color Glow

All Hair Loss

- $250+tax per procedure or $1000+tax for 5 procedure treatment package.

Wrinkle and Scar Treatments

- Forehead $250+tax

- Crows Feet $250+tax

- Smile lines $250+tax

- Full Face Coverage $500+tax

- Neck & Decolletage Fee TBD @ free consultation

- Large Area Fee TBD @ free consultation

- Burns, Stretch Marks, Surgical Scars, and Acne Scars TBD@ free consultation

Permanent Makeup Correction: Correction of permanent makeup that has turned odd color or that wasn’t done to your satisfaction.

Price will be determined at time of consultation.

Camouflage Specialist: Improve the appearance and camouflage scars, stretch marks, or pigment disorders

Price will be determined at time of consultation.

Tattoo Removal and Correction: Uses the saladermabrasion method for fast and easy removal of body and facial tattoos. May require up to 6-12 treatments depending on how big and deep the tattoo. Many will only require a few procedures.

$250+tax per session

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