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Now offering Sugaring Services

Sugaring prices are the same as traditional waxing and the option to choose either service is up to you.  Our clients are increasingly more interested in more natural and holistic methods of caring for their bodies, that's why this ancient art was re-discovered and we can now offer it to you.


Professional Body Sugaring is the art of applying and removing a sugar paste with your hands, for a gentle, exfoliating hair removal service.  It was found that this ancient art of hair removal cold provide more permanent, satisfactory results with benefits that would far exceed the more used methods. 

Benefits to Sugaring include:

  • sugar is 100% pure and natural, made only with lemon, water and sugar
  • sugar is not tested on animals
  • sugar is more sanitary than wax, as the sugar cannot harbor bacteria
  • sugar can extract very short hairs and will break fewer hairs
  • sugar is applied at almost body temperature and provides less discomfort
  • sugar is water soluable and cleans up with water

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for additional information, check out Sugar of the Nile on FB.


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