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Xtreme LASHES Lash Extensions by Yolonda Asakura

You too can have the same beautiful eyelash extensions all of Hollywood is raving about! Xtreme lashes are individually applied to your own lashes for a naturally full look. Schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation today and enjoy waking up to longer, thicker, and fuller lashes everyday.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first visit to fill out a lash consultation form. For optimal results please fully remove your eye makeup with an oil fee cleanser before your lash appointment.

Classic Lash Extensions This Classic Eyelash Extensions add length volume for a natural and beautiful look.

Classic Full Set - 2 hours - $225 - Includes a free eye makeup remover to clean and maintain the look of your lash extentions.

Classic Re-Lash Fills: To keep your lashes at your desired fullness you have the following fill options:

Classic 2 to 3 week re-lash fill - 1 hour 15 minutes - $75

Classic 4 week re-lash fill - 1 hour 30 minutes - $85

Classic Double re-lash fill - 2 hours - $125

Classic Mink Lash Extensions Natural mink lashes are hypo allergenic and provide a natural looking high end lash style. Perfect for spring and summer seasons.

Classic Mink Full Set - 2 hours - $250 - Free eye makeup remover included.

Classic Mink 2 to 3 week re-lash fill - 1 hour 15 minutes - $125

Classic Mink 4 week re-lash fill - 1 hour 30 minuets - $175

Hybrid Lash Extensions: A mixture of classic and volume lashes with a boost of volume extensions here and there. Ideal for any special event or just because. (Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out a consultation form.)

Hybrid Full Set - 2 hours 45 minutes - $275

Hybrid 2 to 3 week re-lash fill - 1 hour 30 minutes - $125

Hybrid Double re-lash fill - 2 hours - $175 (This service is for the existing client who wants to completely fill up for a special event or just because.)

Lash Extension Removal: Relax while your extensions are soaked with a gentle lash remover. Your technician will gently remove your extensions, followed by a thorough cleansing of your eyes. The charge for this service will be subtracted from the cost of a full set applied within the week following this removal.

Removal - 15 to 30 minutes - $30

tint & curl

Lash Lift: Lash Lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. A lift is essentially what your lashes would be doing with a good curler. No preparation needed for this service.

Lash Lift - 60 minutes - $65

Lash Tint: An Eyelash Tint gives you weeks of dark lashes without the assistance of mascara using a special dye formulated for lashes.

Lash Tint - 30 minutes - $20

Brow Tint: Brow Tint is a color service that lasts about 2-3 weeks and uses semi-permanent dye to enhance color & shape.

Brow Tint - 30 minutes - $25

Brow Wax - 15 minutes - $15

Lip Wax - 15 minutes - $10

Nose Wax/Groom - 15 minutes - $15


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